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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Life is full of changes, isn't it?!?

As a little girl in a movie from long ago said, "I'm baaaaaack!"
Hello and welcome back to Janet's Treasures. I will be keeping my blog up and will be doing reviews for a number of different, dvd's, books, and who knows what else! I was invited by Amazon to join their "Vine Program" and decided I could do this and still have time for my family and for my crocheting. I'll get the chance to review a wide range of products and give consumers another honest opinion of things they may wish to try.
I hope to also have an occasional interview and even a giveaway or 2.
Thanks to all who have prayed for me and my family these past several months! For those who don't know, my 80 year old momma had double bypass heart surgery in January. She was very seriously ill and we didn't even know it. There were some very uncertain moments shortly after surgery but prayers were answered and she is doing wonderful now! Again, thanks for all of your prayers!
I hope you will keep up with my blog and I pray I'll deliver good, honest insight into various products that might just interest you!
God bless you and I say, blog on!!

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