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Thursday, April 21, 2011

We have a winner!

Charity have won Penny's book, "Kaydie"!! You will absolutely LOVE it!
Thank you to all who stopped by and entered the contest! Wish we could've given each one a book!
Penny's books are truly worth buying, if you don't win copies!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Kaydie" review and interview with Penny Zeller, author

Can Kaydie ever learn to trust a man again?

Penny Zeller does it once again with “Kaydie”! We first met Kaydie in “McKenzie”, the first in this Montana Skies series. She is McKenzie’s sister and has come to live with her and her brother in law, Zach, after the death of her husband Darius. When Kaydie first met Darius she was smitten. He treated her like a queen and had made many promises in order for her to agree to marry him. Shortly after the marriage the abuse started, both physical and emotional. She would go days without eating. Darius had taken to robbing banks in order to have money for his wants. In a shoot out with authorities, Darius is killed. Kaydie is left with nothing, except her unborn baby.

Kaydie moves in with her sister and her family where she learns how women live on a ranch. She is very wary of everyone but her family at first. She slowly learns to trust the people in McKenzie and Zach’s life.

Jonah Dickenson is Zach’s head ranch hand, very dependable, well liked, and trusted. He is a bit taken with Kaydie when he meets her the first time. He offers his help but Kaydie doesn’t want anything to do with a man again. She is determined to raise her baby on her own, without a man’s help. Jonah tries to just be a friend at first. He knows she has had a hard time but doesn’t know all of the details. He just wants to try and make this pregnancy an easier time for her.

If you haven’t read “McKenzie”, Kaydie and her sister were raised in luxury. Servants, nannies, cooks, etc. They never had to lift a finger to do anything. Needless to say, their mother isn’t happy that 2 of her 3 daughters have ended up living on a ranch, doing things for themselves, not wearing the beautiful gowns they were used to wearing. Kaydie’s parents have picked out the man they want Kaydie to marry and they pay him handsomely to cross the country, bring her home and marry her.
Kaydie has known Cedric Van Aulst since childhood. She has a friendly relationship with him so she believes she knows him well and can trust him to care for her.
When Cedric arrives at the ranch, he declares his intentions for Kaydie. Jonah has fallen in love with Kaydie and wants her for his wife. Who will Kaydie marry? Who will love Kaydie’s baby like a father should?

Penny has, once again, written a very exciting, moving story of love, betrayal, forgiveness and God’s unending love. She has shown us that God can heal hearts and open them to the goodness He desires for us.

Thank you, Penny, for another wonderful book! We can't wait for the 3rd one in the series, "Hailee".

If you would like a chance to win a copy of this awesome book, please leave a comment with an encouraging note for Penny. (no comment, no entry) Giveaway is open to US residents only and will end at midnight, 4/18/11. Winner will be announced on 4/19/11. Thanks and good luck to all of you!!

And now for my interview with Penny:                    

Interview/Giveaway (U.S. residents)

Penny Zeller is the author of several books and numerous magazine articles in national and regional publications. She is also the author of the humor blog “A Day in the Life of a Wife, Mom, and Author” ( is an active volunteer in her community, serving as a women’s Bible study small-group leader and co-organizing a women’s prayer group. Penny devotes her time to assisting and nurturing women and children into a closer relationship with Christ. Her passion is to use the gift of the written word that God has given her to glorify Him and to benefit His kingdom. Kaydie follows McKenzie in Montana Skies, her first series with Whitaker House. When she’s not writing, Penny enjoys spending time with her family and camping, hiking, canoeing, and playing volleyball. She and her husband, Lon, reside in Wyoming with their two children. Penny loves to hear from her readers at her Website,

Thank you for having me as a guest on your blog, Janet. It is great to be here!

Your most recent release is a historical fiction romance, titled Kaydie. Do you write novels exclusively? No, I have also written two nonfiction books and a children’s picture book. However, historical romance is my favorite genre to write J

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing? Prioritizing! I think this is one of the biggest challenges of being a writer, especially since I work from home. I have posted my writing hours on my office door, not so much for visitors, but for myself.  It reminds me that if I don’t set time aside for my writing, it will be spent doing a host of other “necessary” things.

I have to be deliberate about putting aside time for my writing.  I work while my children are in school and then quit for the day when they come home.  My husband and my children are my main ministry, so they are most important. I also do a lot of volunteer work. In order to keep my priorities in perspective, which is so important, I spend a lot of time in prayer seeking God’s guidance in using my time wisely.  

Kaydie was released just this month and is Book 2 in your Montana Skies Series. Can you please give us a brief synopsis? I am thrilled about the release of Kaydie. A short synopsis is as follows:

Since the death of her abusive husband, Kaydie Kraemer’s life has been easier, but she’s wary of men and builds a wall of protection around her, staying with her sister McKenzie as she awaits the birth of her baby. Haunted by her painful marriage, Kaydie is determined never to fall in love again, and it will take the grace of God to change her mind—the same grace that works in the heart of ranch hand Jonah Dickenson, a confirmed bachelor who has unhealed wounds of his own to overcome.

Cindy Sproles produced a fantastic book trailer for Kaydie, which can be viewed at

You love to dot your novels with humor. Lucille, one of the secondary characters in the book, brings several laughs throughout the chapters. Tell us a little about her. I absolutely love writing about Lucille Granger! Her character remains in all three books in the series and she lends so much humor. She owns the Granger Mercantile with her husband, Fred. She is the town busybody and tends to be a gossip, but she has a good heart. Her main goal in life is to arrange marriages for the eligible bachelors of Pine Haven, beginning with Zach in the first book. She started her business, Lucille’s Love Connections, and carries on the tradition with Jonah in the second book and Nate in the third.

Speaking of humor, what is something funny or absentminded that you did lately (that you’d care to admit!) Just recently I sent an email to myself on accident. I didn’t realize that and wondered why the person I thought I had sent it to hadn’t responded. After several days, I checked my “sent” box and sure enough, I’d sent it to myself! I told a friend of mine and she mentioned that that was an honest mistake and nothing to worry about, as long as I didn’t reply to myself! J

What TV shows/movies did you love to watch as a child? I loved The Cosby Show and Magnum P.I. (When I was about 12, I had a crush on Tom Selleck. J ) As for movies, my mom would make us all-you-can-eat nachos on Sunday afternoons and our entire family would sit and watch the Five Mile Creek movies. Such fond memories!

Who are some women in history that you greatly admire? I greatly admire Esther from the Bible and Helen Keller.

Speaking of people in the Bible, if you could meet one person from the bible, who would it be? (besides Jesus, of course) Wow, I don’t think I could narrow it down to just one person! There are so many amazing people in the Bible. I would have to say there would be a three-way tie between Esther, Daniel, and John the Baptist. All exhibited such courage in the face of adversity, and I love how God brought them through that adversity. What testimonies and what inspirations to us all!

Where can readers purchase a copy of Kaydie? Kaydie is available everywhere books are sold, including Amazon at

What’s up next for your readers? I just finished the third and final book in the series, Hailee, which is scheduled for release in September. I'm also working on a second historical romance series that takes place in the Post-Civil War Era. I recently finished book one in the series and have started writing book two.

We look forward to the opportunity afforded us to possibly win a copy of your new book. If you were to meet a reader or fan face to face, what might you chat about?

When I meet a reader or fan face to face, I love to chat with her about what she envisions herself doing for God’s Kingdom and how can I pray and encourage her in that pursuit. If she is pursuing her dream as a writer, I tell her that one of the most important things to remember in being a writer is that if God has called her to do it, He will guide her every step of the way. In November of 2000, I gave my writing to the Lord. I quit my fulltime job with a social services governmental agency so I could stay home with my infant daughter. That was the start of my career, beginning with writing magazine articles. I would advise her to give her writing to the Lord and to not give up! I speak from experience when I say that when He closes one door, He opens another (much better) one.

Where can fans find you on the internet? I love to connect with my readers at my website,

my blog,

on Twitter at, and

on Facebook at

Parting comments? I would like to again thank you, Janet, for having me here, and also thank my readers for their support and encouragement. I couldn’t do it without you! Secondly, I would like to let everyone know that from April 1 – May 15 is my official blog tour for Kaydie. I will have all the details (including a chance to win Hailee, the third book in the series) on my FB author page, so be sure to stop by!

Reminder:  to enter to win a copy of "Kaydie" you MUST leave a comment with an email address to contact you. I would also love it if you'd leave an encouraging comment for Penny!
God bless!!

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