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Friday, May 27, 2011

And the winner is....... are the winner of the book, "Holy Guacamole"! I do hope you will like it. Even though my opinion was not 4 or 5 star, do give it a chance! It just might be the book for you!
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Glass Roads PR Book Tour of "Holy Guacamole"

Book Description:
Nestled along San Diego's coast, the former romantic getaway of the silver screen's most notorious lovers is now the sizzling hacienda of Bonnie Miller's culinary boot camp. "If you are what you eat, make it hot, spicy and irresistible," is her motto, and this queen of Southwestern cuisine enjoys quite a savory life; success, fame, and a reputation for the finest palate west of Barcelona. That is, until a pot-rattling bang causes Trace Domingo, a washed-up sports writer, to crash into her life. His arrival turns up the heat at the culinary boot camp as Bonnie discovers in life's recipe book, it is not the spices which add the most flavor, but how truly hungry you are.


My Review:
Holy Guacamole has a bit of everything….murder, suspense, romance, cooking, etc. I was a bit disappointed with the book. After reading the blurb, I thought it sounded like a really awesome book! Unfortunately I found it much too “busy”. The authors tended to jump around from place to place way too often which didn’t allow the story to develop enough for me. Just when you would get in one situation, ready to spend a little time there, you were whisked away to another place with another character.

I really wanted to love this book! I only “liked” it. I did read it all the way through but it took me much longer than I would’ve normally taken. It was just hard to get into. I wish the authors would’ve developed the characters a bit more and let us get to know them a little better. This is my honest opinion of Holy Guacamole. I would encourage you to go to Amazon and read the other reviews of this book before making up your mind. Everyone has different tastes in books!

***I was provided a review copy of this book by Glass Roads PR in exchange for my honest review***

If you would like a chance to win a copy of "Holy Guacamole", please leave a comment along with your email address. No email address, no entry! A winner will be randomly picked out of all eligible entries on Wednesday, 5/25.
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