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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Review for "Chesapeake Weddings" by Cecelia Dowdy

"Chesapeake Weddings" is a collection of three different stories. I really liked how Cecelia developed the friendships of the characters and had them woven into the following stories. I think Cecelia did a wonderful job of presenting Christian values without being "preachy". The book was very enjoyable for me!

In "John's Quest" Monica becomes an instant mom when her sister "dumps" her blind son, Scotty, at her home. The sister wants to see the world with her new boyfriend. Monica is thrust into one of the hardest jobs of all! John is recommended as a tutor for Scotty when the school principle advises Monica that his grades are below grade level. There is an attraction between John and Monica but it is hampered by the fact that John is agnostic and Monica is a born again believer.

In "Milk Money" Emily is trying to save the family dairy farm. Her father has recently died and her step-mother has gone to one of her daughters homes to begin to heal. Before leaving she hires Frank, a CPA, to audit the farms finances. He is, of course, a very handsome gentleman and he takes a "liking" to Emily. Emily has feelings for Frank but his drinking presents a problem. Can he come to terms with what has brought him to drink?

In "Bittersweet Memories" Karen is devasted to learn that her fiance' is an embezzler. She leaves her job, her friends, and her church to go live with her mother. Keith is her mother's next door neighbor who has his own plumbing business. In the beginning he seems to really get on Karen's nerves but she soon softens up. Keith is busy in his church, which also happens to be the church that Karen's mother belongs to. After what Karen has just been through, she has drifted from God and isn't sure if she wants to get back into church or not.

I would recommend this book to someone who likes shorter stories. It was a little predictable but that didn't bother me at all.  I'm really looking forward to more from Cecelia Dowdy!   Way to go, Cecelia!  Thank you for the book and for the opportunity to read and review it.


  1. Thanks for posting this Janet! I appreciate it! Glad you liked the book and I hope you have a blessed week!

  2. Good job on your first review. :-)

    ~ Alice J. Wisler

  3. Great first review, Janet. I enjoyed it.


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