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Sunday, May 30, 2010

FORGET ME NOT by Vicki Hinze

She wakes up in the woods, beaten and left for dead. She remembers vaguely the men who were trying to get her car from her. She remembers little else. One thing she does remember is her strong faith in God. Who is she? Why is she here? She finds a card in her pocket with the name “Crossroads” on the front and the name “Susan” on the back. Also, a cross necklace is with the card. She is found and taken to the Crossroads Crisis Center where she see’s a large photo of the founder, Susan Brandt, on the wall. Looking at the picture is like looking in the mirror, minus the bruises and swelling of course. So, she must be “Susan”. The only problem is that Susan has been dead for 3 years.

Benjamin Brandt has been trying for the last 3 years to find the killers of his wife and son. He has also been consumed with guilt that he didn’t protect his family. Isn’t that what a husband and father is supposed to do? When he’s called to the shelter about this “mystery woman named Susan”, it’s the first time in 3 years he’s been in the Center. At first he is certain that “Susan” is there to extort money from him. But after she tells her story and begins to remember tiny pieces of her past, he begins to believe her. He sees how hers and Susan’s lives have many common connections. Ben believes that maybe this is the lead he’s been hoping for after 3 long years. Can this mystery lady help him discover who killed his family?

The book is full of suspense, intrigue, romance and Christian principles. Vicki doesn’t “beat you over the head” with the Christian aspect of it. I really enjoyed “Forget Me Not” and would highly recommend it. I was provided an advanced reading copy of this book by the publisher.

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