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Monday, July 26, 2010

Review of Simple Secrets by Nancy Mehl

A city girl and a country boy unite to solve a long buried crime in the Mennonite town of Harmony, Kansas.
I really enjoyed reading this book. I found the characters believable and easy to connect with.

Gracie Temple is a graphics designer in Wichita. Her father calls and gives her the news that his brother Benjamin, whom she has never met, has died and left Gracie his estate. She makes plans to go to Harmony and see what she has inherited. Her initial reaction is to sell the house right away. But she decides to take a week or so to look things over and make up her mind.

When she rolls into Harmony she decides to look around a bit before going to Benjamin’s house. The town she sees is not the town her father had described. There are shops all up and down the street, people everywhere, some dressed in the traditional Mennonite fashion she was familiar with, and others dressed “normally”. She gets a lot of stares but she figures it’s because she is the stranger in town.

After getting settled in and meeting a couple of her neighbors she finds a letter that her uncle left her. He tells her something in that letter that changes everything! Who was Jacob Glick and why is his body buried on her property? Who is the real killer? Why does everyone in town act so strange when she mentions the name of Jacob Glick? Can she even trust her closest friend in Harmony, Sam Goodrich? Gracie and Sam follow clues and do some digging to try and find the answers.

As I read this book, I was drawn into the town and into the lives of the people of Harmony. I could smell the fried chicken that Sam’s aunt, Sweetie Goodrich, was cooking. I could see the rooms of Sweetie and Sam’s house as Gracie was given a tour. Ms. Mehl did a wonderful job in writing the book! I don’t think anyone who reads it will be disappointed. I had a hard time putting it down!
There is NOT a book giveaway with this review, sorry!
I was provided a free pdf copy of this book for review.

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