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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Review of "The Boy Who Changed the World"

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The Boy Who Changed The World was written by Andy Andrews. Published in 2010 by Tommy Nelson, a division of Thomas Nelson, Inc.

In this story we meet several people, who through their unselfish actions, helped to change the world. The author refers to this as the “Butterfly Effect”. What we do can have a ripple effect around the world!

We meet Norman, who develops special seeds that feed billions, then we meet Henry Wallace. Henry and George, an employee of his father’s, love to study plants. Henry loves plants to much he grows up and becomes the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. Then Henry becomes Vice-President of the United States. He hires a man named Norman to help the world grow more food. And yes, it’s the same Norman who developed the seeds.

Henry’s friend, George, is the next one we meet. George Washington Carver. He grew up and became a teacher and inventor. He invented many different ways to use peanuts and sweet potatoes. When he was in college he had a professor named Mr. Wallace. George and Mr. Wallace’s son would go on long walks together, looking at plants. His son’s name was Henry.

The book was very enjoyable and easy for children to understand. I liked how all of the characters in the book were tied together. I also loved how the book shows that God made us so important that everything we do matters. Everything we do, whether big or small, can have an effect on someone or something else in the world.

I was provided an electronic copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
***there is no giveaway with this review, sorry!***

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