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Monday, August 30, 2010

Review of "First Impressions" by Michelle Sutton

What about first impressions? Do you tend to jump to conclusions when you meet someone for the first time? What kind of first impression do you leave?

Sammie is a female officer in the Army, stationed at Fort Huachuca, Arizona awaiting deployment to the Middle East. During her down time she decided to join a local acting troop in Tombstone to learn how to flirt with a man. Sammie had not had much practice in the art of attracting boys due to a strict upbringing by her mother. Sammie goes into a local shop, Shady Lady’s Closet, to find a costume to wear. After she picks out something, she tries it on and although she likes what she sees, she’s a bit embarrassed by how much of her is showing.

Jimmy is a counselor who likes to people watch. He says it helps in his job. He also enjoys acting with the Tombstone actors and is playing the part of the lonely stud. And with him it is an act. He has decided not to get too attached to any young woman until God directs him to “the one”. When he sees Sammie, he almost can’t believe his eyes. She’s almost too pretty to be real. Is there something familiar about her?

I liked how Jimmy stood by his convictions. Even when it got hard, he stayed true to his faith. Not that it was always easy! When Sammie and Jimmy get together there is definitely sparks. I got a kick out of how Sammie was trying to be something she definitely was not. She had no idea what she was doing in the flirting department.

Michelle did a wonderful job of creating the characters and developing Jimmy and Sammie’s relationship. It does get a little steamy but not too much. I’m looking forward to the next one in this series.

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  1. SephB just did a guest review of this same book on my blog and she found that the romance between Sammie and Jimmy was “combustible”. ;-)

    You can read her review here:



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