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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School Days!

My daughter started back to school yesterday.  She's in 8th grade this year.  The "top dog" in Intermediate school.  I told her to just wait 'til next year...she'll be at the bottom of the ladder next year!  It seems these days that there is a lot of pressure put on the "fish" or freshmen in high school.  In the school my daughter will be going to, freshmen are not allowed to talk to seniors; if they are asked to carry a seniors books, they have to, etc.  I was thinking back and I don't remember having any "rules" we had to follow as freshmen.  One of my girlfriends told me that the freshmen in her school had to wear little "beanies" for a couple of weeks!  I can't imagine having to wear one!  Too funny! 
What are some of your memories from your early school days?  I have a great niece who just started school and I was reminded of my first few years in elementary school.  Our school had hard wood floors and they were waxed to a gleaming shine right before school started.  Back in those days kids dressed up for school, especially the first day.  I found out real quickly that pretty, hard soled shoes and freshly waxed floors don't mix!  I spent a lot of time on the floor the first few days of school!
Please leave a comment, telling us about one of your fondest memories of starting school!  I would love to hear other stories.  God bless!


  1. Reba Gaddy wrote: Janet, I loved school from the moment I started in the first grade. I think school was so different then than now. I remember the smell of the pine oil that they treated the old wooden floor with. When I graduated HS, my class was the largest ever graduated from that school different now, I love your blog.

  2. I think the things that I remember most about starting school was getting to see my friends that I had not seen all summer. I also remember going shopping with my mom to get all of our clothes and then not being able to wear them until school started. Now that my youngest started school this year, I find myself repeating statements that my mom used to say to me.

  3. I think my greatest and most memorable first day of school was going from 8th to 9th. All of my elementary days were spent in a catholic private school, where the nuns were our teachers, and we had they ugliest uniforms! Once I finished 8th grade my mom and I moved to another city and the all girl high school that my mom had talked about putting me in for ever was just too far.....thank goodness. So my 9th grade year was the beginning of public school for me.....goodbye uniforms, nuns, and sadly all my friends that I had grown up with since Kindergarten. It was the biggest culture shock!! I saw things that I never even knew were around, clothing that had it not been for my new friends wearing them I would have never known they existed. It didn't take long at all for me to make new friends and love my new school. I met my hubby there and still have dear friends that I speak to all the time! I never had to worry about the freshman being told to do things, we had a freshman Friday where the seniors did things to us but it was more of an intro, nothing mean, and once that was over it was all good!! My daughter who is in 10th this year, went through the same thing a freshman Friday, where she actually got locked in a locker, but the same senior who did it came back and got her after a couple of minutes and was kinda her mentor for the rest of the year! Kids are such goofs!!

  4. Carla: I'll bet it was a big shock to go from a Catholic school to public school! My daughter was in a private Christian school from 3rd - 6th grade so when she went back to public in 7th there wasn't much change.

    Michelle - wasn't that horrible that we had to wait to wear new clothes! My parents did the same thing! And I did the same with my kids!


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